'happy' birthday to me.

it’s my 18th as i write this but i bloody well wish it wasn’t. life could not be looking shitter for me right now. i hate this and i hate myself. 

numb. feel dead inside. my life could be breaking away beneath me. will i survive this?


Thomas Prime - Believe In Us feat. Awon

me and the other half i love you <3 

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me and the other half i love you <3 

me and my main gash 

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me and my main gash 



so yeah Saturday the 1st of December is getting closer and i can’t wait, it will be my friends 18th birthday and her party, which is James Bond theme, which personally i think is pretty cool because we all get to get all dresses up in long dresses and the guys looking hot in their suits. 

there are a few reasons why i can’t wait and they are,

1. i get to look pretty in a long black bandeau chiffon dress 

2. it’s a reason to get dressed up

3. i get to see my boyfriend in a fit suit

4. i get to see people i haven’t seen or spoken to in a rather long time

5. i get to get drunk with some amazing people

i am a little nervous about seeing these people but as people keep telling me, it will be fine, especially ones everyone’s had a bit to drink :) 

so yeah Saturday hurry up! 

would love to have hair this colour 

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would love to have hair this colour